Secrets and Lies Secrets and Lies
Lizzie Borden Lizzie Borden
Witches of East End “Cinema” Witches of East End “Cinema”
Witches of East End Season 2 Witches of East End Season 2
William H Macy “Shameless” William H Macy “Shameless”
Emmy Rossum “Shameless” Emmy Rossum “Shameless”
Jeremy White “Shameless” Jeremy White “Shameless”
Junos 2013 Junos 2013
Hugh Jackman for Micromax Hugh Jackman for Micromax
Micromax Indian Aces Micromax Indian Aces
Burn Burn
Etisalat “Amory” Etisalat “Amory”
Etisalat Value Etisalat Value
Volkswagen DOP Volkswagen DOP
Nintendo Playing God Nintendo Playing God
Showbox Showbox
Etisalat Network Etisalat Network
McDonald’s “Doors” McDonald’s “Doors”
McDonald’s “Jackie Fan” McDonald’s “Jackie Fan”
Bud LIght “Tough Love” Bud LIght “Tough Love”
Etisalat Proud Etisalat Proud
Renault “Ambush” Renault “Ambush”
Volkswagen Flight Volkswagen Flight
Etisalat Office Etisalat Office
Twix “Wedding” Twix “Wedding”
Bud Light “Friction” Bud Light “Friction”
Bud Light Yoga Bud Light Yoga
Trident “Splash” Trident “Splash”
Kelloggs’s “Designer” Kelloggs’s “Designer”
Bud Light “Jeremy McGrath” Bud Light “Jeremy McGrath”
Verizon Ferret Verizon Ferret
Verizon Chimps Verizon Chimps
Fidelity “World” Fidelity “World”
Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206
Knob Hockey “Insults” Knob Hockey “Insults”
Budweiser “Check ID” Budweiser “Check ID”
Hong Kong Bank “Car wash” Hong Kong Bank “Car wash”
Thermasilk “Sexy” Thermasilk “Sexy”
McD’s Stare McD’s Stare
Nescafe “Banker” Nescafe “Banker”
Volkswagen Training Volkswagen Training
Slotcar “Smokey the Bear” Slotcar “Smokey the Bear”
Captain Morgan “Swing” Captain Morgan “Swing”
Datemares “Mr. Porno” Datemares “Mr. Porno”
Twix Co-Workers Twix Co-Workers
Piala Tea unwind Piala Tea unwind
KD Keep Buggin KD Keep Buggin
Bud Light “First Date” Bud Light “First Date”
Pepsodent Helping Hands Pepsodent Helping Hands
Doc Otis “Mrs. Robinson” Doc Otis “Mrs. Robinson”
Bud Light “Cyrano” Bud Light “Cyrano”

A master storyteller with a deft hand at casting, comedy and subtlety, Richard D’Alessio has earned a preeminent reputation not only as a commercial director with his four top ten-rated Super Bowl spots but also as a creator of some of the most watched branded content series in North America. Richard currently writes and directs TV promo, web and direct to brand campaigns all over the world for clients such as Volkswagen, Budweiser, Nintendo, Pepsi, Snickers, and General Motors and TV networks such as Scripps, Showtime and Lifetime. Recent credits included Creative Direction and Directing campaigns for “Shameless” Season 4 “Witches of East End” and directing campaigns for Micromax with Hugh Jackman and Etisalat with Amoory.

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